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Full Version: 2740c01: Propellor 3 Blade with 24t Gear
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I believe this part is not available, neither are its separate components: http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/2740c01
Is anyone willing and able to model it?
A very rare part I don't have...
Yesterday I had been for a visit by my Lego Dealer. He told me, that he has somewhere this part in a unassembled condition. He will try to find it for me. I hope, I can do this part soon.
I will post here, when I start working on tis part.

That would be excellent. I have the part, but it doesn't disassemble easily and I don't want to risk breaking it. I also lack the proper tools and time (and ability) to correctly model it, I'm afraid.
Last week I got new "stuff" from my (LEGO)-Dealer. And I got a disassembled rotor and gear. Now I only need to find some time to write this part...
Maybe I have to ask Philo for making the blades...

If needed I'm here Wink
Good, you have my support Smile
The part is done. Thanks to Philo for creating the propellor itself!