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Full Version: The final hurdle for Non-CA parts
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Cross-post from the announcements for discussion and replies:

Quote:Following the establishment of the LDraw Contributor Agreement in 2004 many authors have helped to re-develop the LDraw Parts that we did not have agreement to redistribute. Of the 90 original "Non-CA" files only 24 now remain and all except three have been re-developed, and are sitting in the Parts Tracker awaiting review.

I would like to get these into the next Parts Update to remove the need for this complication in the LDraw library. To help prioritize their review I have added a "Review Summary" page to the LDraw Parts Tracker. This includes the re-worked files and any dependents. It would be good if reviewers could take a look at this and prioritize their activities on these files.

In addition volunteers to re-develop the three remaining parts, would be most welcome.

Thanks in anticipation, Chris

(LDraw Parts Library Admin)
Remade and certified.

Rather than necro-bump this thread, I decided to post this here. Specifically, I wish to respond to Orion's post.

To me, this thread represents the exact thing I was talking about when I mentioned that the SteerCo. should help guide the developers. In this thread, we see them suggesting (not demanding) that developers specifically focus their efforts on certain parts, and this was the point I was trying to make.

Now, I actually understand and even agree with the decision of the SteerCo. to focus on the Non-CA parts, and it looks like the suggestion was followed and the desired results were achieved.

However, now that this hurdle is out of the way, the question begs to be asked: Where to next, SteerCo? You clearly have the power to focus the efforts of (at least some) developers. Will you focus on making sure standard, non-patterned System parts are developed quickly? Will you focus on the woefully behind patterned/molded minifig parts? Perhaps something else entirely? Perhaps some system where, for each update, you focus on different things (minifig-centric updates, new-part-centric updates, etc...) would be ideal?

Where do we go from here?
We are working on a request system. While this is in development and no specific date is set, work is being done. For now, if you have a request, post it to the authoring forum.

As far as a specific direction, nothing has been discussed but we are open to suggestions
I'd like to add that it is the SteerCo's point of view that LDraw is and should be a hobby purely based on voluntary efforts and ruled as little as possible. The request system Chris is working on has been thought as a sort of wishlist where people can vote. This should authors get some input how badly a part is seeked by the community.

In the meantime we'd like to install a substitute here in the forums. Just post a request in the authoring forum with name, Peeron and/or BL part number, images, links ...

Replies with a progressive numbering in the title should work as vote. Check out the example below.

[Image: 48414c00.1107557190.jpg] 48414c00 - Animal Hippogriff Body (Complete Assembly)


Add me

Indeed badly needed