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Full Version: 3404 Old Turntable
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I really hope, that the parts will leave the PT soon. But first I have a question.
Should I create a shortcut for the top part with the connector attached (all in all 4 shortcuts due to the red or black inside version) and shortcuts for top and bottom, which use the top-shortcuts and the bottom files (again 4 files) OR should I do only 4 top-bottom shortcuts with connectors.

I prefer the first point, because it's easier to handle for the users, but it feels a bit like spamming the PT for me.

I prefer only the first four shortcuts, but I know that many also want the complete shortcuts.
I'd go for four "top shortcuts" + four assemblies of "top shortcut + bottom part".
I would be fine with only the resulting - quick to use parts. If someone needs to disassemble the parts because he needs the top portion of the file turned he can do it. I would not make shortcuts for the top part only.
Quote: I would not make shortcuts for the top part only.
Even if these shortcuts are "obvious", they have a mechanical meaning, since (AFAIK) the top plate and connector are locked together. That's why for example the NXT motor has 3 shortcuts, one for the casing, one for the rotating hub (composed of two halves) and one for the whole part.
Yes, you are right. That was my point of view too. They had such a good connection that I cracked one of turntables while opening them.
I think, I will do all Shortcuts. But first I have to solve the issue Magnus mentioned in subpart 3404s04.
From that point of view you are right. But I think these shortcuts are not really necessary. For example in MLCad you can group parts and move or rotate them together. In my eyes it is not necessary, but I would not mind if we have also that shortcuts in the library.
I have uploaded all 8 shortcuts now. Hopefully the long long story about this kind of turntables is over with the first parts-update in 2013. ;-)

Thanks for doing that work. I'll have a look next time.