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Full Version: James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2012 awarded to Steffen Lohse
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The LDraw.org Steering Committee is pleased to announce that the 2012 James Jessiman Memorial Award (JJMA) recipient is Steffen Lohse (believe us, it took us ten years to get his surname out of him).

With 410 official files and contributions to the development of a further 477 official files, Steffen is among the four most prolific contributors to the LDraw Parts Library. His dedication to reviewing parts has further facilitated the addition and improvement of many other parts in the library. If you have ever submitted a part to the LDraw Parts Tracker, it is very likely that it was reviewed by Steffen at least once before it became official. If you have submitted parts on a regular basis it is also likely that you have been made familiar with his desire for perfection. Overall, the LDraw library wouldn't be what it is today without the contribution and dedication of this year's James Jessiman Memorial Award: Steffen Lohse!

More information on the JJMA can be found at:

Willy Tschager
On behalf of the LDraw.org Steering Committee
Congratulations Steffen!
...and indeed glad to know your surname Wink
I'd like to give a heart felt congrats and thank you to Steffen. I've worked with him for pretty much the whole time I've been involved with LDraw and I can't think of any non-admin who has been more instumental in shaping the Official Library than him.
Congratulations to Steffen from my side as well. In my "short" time that I am here, I got a lot of inspiration from him and learned a lot about writing parts. Thanks and congratulations again.

As a colleague and reviewer with sometimes demanding requirements, it is nice to see that desire for accuracy is recognized.
Congratulations Steffen.
I missed this post yesterday, so I take now the opportunity to say:


to Steffen.
Thank you very much, everybody, and especially the SteerCo;
I am very happy to have received this award,
now suddenly finding my name on this great list of LDRAW people...
Reading your kind posts above made me feel even more honored,
so thanks for all your nice words and all the effort you put into the LDRAW library.
I hope you're enjoying its development as much as I do.