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Full Version: Light & Sound 1x2 brick with light
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In another post, Philippe Hurbain informed me that the current 4771 (L&S 1x4 brick) part is actually made of 73664, a composite of 4771, 4772 and 4769. I've uploaded all of these to the PT.

I have also done the corresponding parts for the 1x2 brick (current 4767), but I don't know what should be the corresponding part numbers for the bottom part and the shortcut. Can anybody tell me? (I tried looking in the physical piece, but I only found the 4767 code in the top part.)
Top is indeed 4767. Bottom is... (guess what...) 4768!. Bulb protection is 4769 as in 1x4. Assembly is 73666.
Thanks for cleaning these parts!
Thank you! They're uploaded now Smile