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Full Version: Duplicate parts 3068bp14 and 3068bp31
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Is it just me, or are 3068bp31 (released in March) and 3068bp14 (released in August) based on the same part...?
Mmph... I'm afraid they are the same, indeed!
As far as I can see Bricklink only has one file that looks like that: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=3068bpb148
Yes, after checking nearly all pages with decorated 2x2 tiles, this was the only one.

Got an email from JC Tchang, he agrees to remove his part (3068bp14.dat) as it was done later (he works in "batch" mode, with extended periods during which he can't access the internet).
He suggest nonetheless that color 28 he chose for the mountains is a better match than the color 72 on 3068bp31, see photo here.
Agreed. So he can send the corrected version to the PTAdmin to place it again on the PT. Also mentioning that his part should get a ~Moved To entry.