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Full Version: [LDPartEditor] First Alpha Version News (until 2014-09-19)
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It's sometimes a bit hard to follow without comments, but I think I get the picture... The on the fly error spotting looks great!
I am still working on LDPartEditor. Here is a screenshot from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS running the LPE alpha without any proprietary graphics driver installed.

Sweet. Looking good.

Looking forward to the Windows version ;-)

I managed to setup a test environment for LDPartEditor.
By now, I am able to test it on:
  • Linux (32 and 64bit JVM [the "Java Virtual Machine"])
  • Windows XP (32bit JVM)
  • Windows Vista (32bit JVM)
  • Windows 7 64bit (32bit JVM + 64bit JVM)
  • Windows 8 64bit (32bit JVM)
  • {OS X for Mac 64bit (32bit JVM): This machine belogs to my dad. I can use it at rare intervals.}
What I've achieved so far:
  • Undo / Redo feature
  • The tabs are movable and you can drag & drop it into another text editor window from LDrawPartEditor.
  • Efficient realtime syntax highlighting
  • Efficient realtime parsing
  • "Quick Fix" feature for syntax-, logic- and header-errors, warnings and hints
  • Cut, copy, paste & delete

[Image: new_teaser.png]
Yes, it does.
Instead of drawing still teapots and spheres...
[Image: firstrender.png]
I don't quite understand what's the point of this since ldforge already is a thing...
What's the sense of having: MLCad, LDCad, SR3D-Builder, Bricksmith, etc. pp. ?!

I really like to have more than only one programme for the same purpose. Maybe there are some futures that are missing in an other application...

@Nils: I'm looking forward to a public beta.

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