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Please add any Lego Space models you have put in LDraw.
[unnamed] 1478
Pulsar Charger 6811
Beacon Tracer 6833
Secret Space Voyager 6862
Vector Detector 6877
Celestial Forager 6896
Particle Ionizer 6923
Stellar Recon Voyager 6956
Mega Core Magnetizer 6989
Mine can be found in the LDraw All-In-One Installer and yours would be added immediately to it if they were OMR compliant.

You want to fill me in on being OMR compliant
Your files have to respect a certain structure - we are not talking about order or naming, but how the header of your files reads. The specs can be found here:

Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification Version 1.0.2

Check also the models in the AIOI for reference. Further there is a fine tool which will verify that everything is okay:


Once they are OMR compliant just re-post them here and I'll copy them to the AIOI. BTW I use:

LEGO Collector - 2. Edition

for the MPD naming

OK, this is my first model. Flexible parts created with LSynth. I've uploaded (or am about to do it) updates for the bricks with lights to the part tracker. I'm trying to comply with the OMR format too.

Cockpit and Probe submodels are detachable.

EDIT: Updated and fixed placement.
EDIT: Updated L&S parts.

[Image: 6780.png]
Many thanks - added to the AIOI. There were some "~Moved to" I had to replace. I also replaced the unofficial 73664.dat with the old official 4771.dat. It doesn't make much sense adding an unofficial update if there is an official file available.

Fine, I should have checked the "~Moved to" parts first. As for the unofficial files, I guess it comes down to which is updated first Smile But you are right, I should have changed the reference to the still-official part.
I've updated the model.
A small Classic Space model.

[Image: 6827.png]
A small Futuron model.

[Image: 6875.png]
A Classic Space Model. Cockpit is detachable. Includes a minifig-sized robot.

[Image: 6891.png]

EDIT: Updated, an accessory was missing.
A Blacktron II model. Cockpit and aircraft are detachable from the vehicle and can be attached together (included as a submodel, not part of the main one, I hope that's OK).

Unlike other models I've uploaded, I don't own this one. It uses the still-unofficial part 2515 (the wheels).

[Image: 6933.png]
A Classic Space model, with three minifigs, two smaller vehicles and a rocket, all three detachable. The arms and claws can be moved too (if you dare).

[Image: 6951.png]
All files do not have a valid .mpd name. See:


I further suggest to rotate the 6951 at 90 degree (clockwise) to be in sync with your correct assumption:


Dang it, I just finished this model the other day!

Edit: Well, I'm not quite sure if his model is OMR-ready, but mine is!
Willy Tschager Wrote:All files do not have a valid .mpd name. See:


Do you mean that they should be named "6951 - Robot Command Center - Rover", "6951 - Robot Command Center - Antenna", etc.? In that case I should rename the files in other models too...

Ah, no... you mean the actual filename, not the names defined in "0 FILE" lines. I'll fix those too.

Quote:I further suggest to rotate the 6951 at 90 degree (clockwise) to be in sync with your correct assumption:


I can't make sure of it in this now (I'm at a work computer), but I believe the orientation is "correct", I just rotated the view for the picture...
I tried to comply with the OMR too... I'll check the differences when I can Smile

OK, so you've defined the different submodels in a "logical" way, to allow easier rotation/translation when needed (especially for movement or animations), whereas I just followed the instructions. Your way is more practical indeed, but is it preferred?

I may also note that at least my editor (LDCad) shows some very small overlap in the cockpit's top cover (I had to rotate it 43.9 degrees instead of 44, if I'm not mistaken), and some gaps between the minifigs' hands and arms (you could use the minifig I posted in http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...02#pid7102).
Everything is fine now - copied to AIOI!

A quick check with MPDCenter says:

Check for: 6933 - Spectral Starguider.mpd
True - Mirrored parts free.
False - All files have correct License.
True - All Name entries are like filename.
True - Is MPD filename OMR conform.
False - All filenames in the MPD are OMR conform.
True - ~Moved to parts free.
False - Unresolved references free.
Error in: 6933 - mm.ldr Filename without setnumber does not match file description.
Error in: 6933 - mm.ldr Filename not OMR conform because of the above error(s).

basically your scheme:

0 6933 Spectral Starguider
0 Name: 6933 - mm.ldr

is not correct. This has to be either:

0 mm
0 Name: 6933 - mm.ldr


0 Spectral Starguider
0 Name: 6933 - Spectral Starguider.ldr

Unofficial part 2515.dat not referenced correctly. Uses physical color part 302026.dat.

You use the file 2515.dat, but that is not official at present. So you have to import that file into the MPD and also the referenced subfiles.
I suggest we keep this model on hold at least until 2515.dat is finished, and better until it is official.

Do you have anything to say about which way to define the submodels (matching the instructions, or making it easier to rotate and translate the different parts of the model) is preferred?
Please have a look in the spec. There you can read:
should enable any instructions generated to be as close to the official instructions as possible.

I think this answers your question.
An accessory was missing (black arm on the left side clip). Model updated.
New update, using the new L&S bricks.
I re-downloaded the AIOI, and made sure that it included the "official models," but I can't find them after install. Do you know what file they would have been placed in?
On my system they are placed in a folder called "Ldraw" in my documents folder.
Exactly right, thanks. I had been looking under program files.
Here is the same model, but with flexible hoses modeled in LDCad, rather than with LSynth.
1499 - Twin Starfire


[attachment=3008] (OMR compliant)

Known errors: None

Renderer done with LDCad POV export (Hint! IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO FIND THE RIGHT COMMAND: View -> Editing views -> Export -> Pov Ray view export).

I do not like the grey skydome; tried to set "emission srgb  1" but it bleaches the colors too much. Nonetheless the output is stunning! Chapeau!

1557 - Space Scooter


[attachment=3012] (OMR Compliant)

Errors: none