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I suggest we keep this model on hold at least until 2515.dat is finished, and better until it is official.

Do you have anything to say about which way to define the submodels (matching the instructions, or making it easier to rotate and translate the different parts of the model) is preferred?
Please have a look in the spec. There you can read:
should enable any instructions generated to be as close to the official instructions as possible.

I think this answers your question.
An accessory was missing (black arm on the left side clip). Model updated.
New update, using the new L&S bricks.
I re-downloaded the AIOI, and made sure that it included the "official models," but I can't find them after install. Do you know what file they would have been placed in?
On my system they are placed in a folder called "Ldraw" in my documents folder.
Exactly right, thanks. I had been looking under program files.
Here is the same model, but with flexible hoses modeled in LDCad, rather than with LSynth.
1499 - Twin Starfire


[attachment=3008] (OMR compliant)

Known errors: None

Renderer done with LDCad POV export (Hint! IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO FIND THE RIGHT COMMAND: View -> Editing views -> Export -> Pov Ray view export).

I do not like the grey skydome; tried to set "emission srgb  1" but it bleaches the colors too much. Nonetheless the output is stunning! Chapeau!

1557 - Space Scooter


[attachment=3012] (OMR Compliant)

Errors: none
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