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Full Version: Lego Space Collections
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Mine can be found in the LDraw All-In-One Installer and yours would be added immediately to it if they were OMR compliant.

You want to fill me in on being OMR compliant
Your files have to respect a certain structure - we are not talking about order or naming, but how the header of your files reads. The specs can be found here:

Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification Version 1.0.2

Check also the models in the AIOI for reference. Further there is a fine tool which will verify that everything is okay:


Once they are OMR compliant just re-post them here and I'll copy them to the AIOI. BTW I use:

LEGO Collector - 2. Edition

for the MPD naming

OK, this is my first model. Flexible parts created with LSynth. I've uploaded (or am about to do it) updates for the bricks with lights to the part tracker. I'm trying to comply with the OMR format too.

Cockpit and Probe submodels are detachable.

EDIT: Updated and fixed placement.
EDIT: Updated L&S parts.

[Image: 6780.png]
Many thanks - added to the AIOI. There were some "~Moved to" I had to replace. I also replaced the unofficial 73664.dat with the old official 4771.dat. It doesn't make much sense adding an unofficial update if there is an official file available.

Fine, I should have checked the "~Moved to" parts first. As for the unofficial files, I guess it comes down to which is updated first Smile But you are right, I should have changed the reference to the still-official part.
I've updated the model.
A small Classic Space model.

[Image: 6827.png]
A small Futuron model.

[Image: 6875.png]
A Classic Space Model. Cockpit is detachable. Includes a minifig-sized robot.

[Image: 6891.png]

EDIT: Updated, an accessory was missing.
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