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Full Version: Use the LDraw.org favicon for the forums too
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That way it's easily and distinctly recognizable in lists of bookmarks.
Ok this added. It doesn't show up on my Firefox install but it does on my iPhone. If you're not seeing it then it's probably a cache issue with your browser.
Can the forums get a slightly different icon?

Like e.g. the LDRAW logo brick inside a speech bubble?

Currently, I cannot distinguish the tabs which I have open in my browser very well:
the ones from the PT, and the ones from the forum.
My bookmarks also look all the same.
I would like to be able to visually distinguish them.
If anyone wants to send this to me I'd be more than happy to implement it.
It's been uploaded. Not sure how long it takes for a browser to refresh it.
Having seen the icons live I think they're not very good. New ones have been made.

Got them. I probably won't be able to upload them for a little bit (connectivity issues and being tied to computers at work where I can't).
Have these been pushed?

They have now. I forgot, thanks for the reminder.