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Full Version: LSynth "Add Command ..." Selection Greyed Out
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OK, I think I followed all the instructions for integrating LSynth with MLCAD; however, when I attempt to use the Extras -> LSynth -> Add Command ... menu item, the menu item is greyed out and will not let me select. So, I must have something wrong in my configuration settings.

I have the LSynth parts listed on the MLCAD part windows on the left panes. I followed all the instructions as written for integration and updating the MLCAD.ini file. (see attached)
You haven't defined the path to LSynth:

%PATH = "Define absolute path to LSynth"

Read step 3 at:


Yes, the attached file already has the following lines:
%PATH = "C:\Programs Files\LSynth"

which corresponds to where my LSynth was installed on my machine. So, the file has that line captured under the "LSynth Definitions" section.

Ray J.
I beg your pardon but NO, the attached file says:

%PATH = "Define absolute path to LSynth"

are you sure you've edited the MLCad.ini file in MLCad's root directory?