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Full Version: Bricksmith 2.6.1: Texture your world (now with more standards compliance!)
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Bricksmith 2.6.1 adds the following features:
  • Automatically checks for and installs application updates

It also fixes the following bugs:
  • Fixed texture search path (now correctly searches ldraw/parts/textures)
  • Fixed issues with drag handles inside textures
  • Fixed object selection inside textures

Hot on the heels of a whole raft of new features in Bricksmith 2.6, this bugfix release corrects several errors with the original TEXMAP implementation. Furthermore, the oft-requested update feature will also help you snag future improvements without watching this message board obsessively.

Bricksmith requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and may be download it at <http://bricksmith.sourceforge.net/>.

Allen Smith