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Full Version: list of Themes to use in files for the OMR
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For the program MPDCenter I needed a list of possible values for the !THEME entry.

I have build that list (also attached) from a list from Bricklink.

I feel this list should be maintained on ldraw.org like the categories.
Agree and I'm fine with the current list.

But it is already outdated! The new themes are not yet in that list.
I'm aware of that - I was referring on how it is structured.

If we do this, could it be added to the Localization system, too?
Should not rise any problem! But I think it will not be used much as I believe that most themes the same in all countries.
Not all themes are the same in all countries. eg. the Dino theme from many years back had different names (and models) in different markets.
lego games are missing methink