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Full Version: Part-Assembly in the CA-Library uses Alias instead of a CA-Ppart .
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The 75174p01c01.dat - Animal Dragon Oriental w. Chr.Gold Head and Tr.Red Wings (Comp.) makes use of 30130.dat an alias of 6133.dat - Animal Dragon Wing, causing an error when the Alias library isn't installed. This should be corrected in the next release.

75174c01.dat - Animal Dragon with Red Wings (Complete) is fine.

IMO, this is not an error.
30130 is the correct number for the dragon wing in this assembly, since it is made of transparent plastic.

It is stated inside that file:
Quote:0 // Alias of 6133
0 // Part 30130 is the transparent counterpart of 6133

There are many of these combinations. Like:
50746 "Slope Brick 31 1x1x0.667", correct number for transparent colours
54200 "Slope Brick 1x1x0.667" correct number for opaque colours

Quote:0 !HELP Part 50746 is the counterpart of 54200. Visually, the two parts seem
0 !HELP identical. This file is provided to make it easier to locate part files
0 !HELP when using the numbers from other sources.
0 !HELP 54200 is used for moulding opaque parts, 50746 for transparent parts.

You have to keep the different aliases apart.
Sometimes an alias is transparent/opaque, and sometimes it's a new partnumber.
leaving away the alias files never occured as a good idea to me.
sometimes 2 numbers have the same right of existence, and people might use the one or the other in their models.
thus, by installing something on your harddisk which is "ldraw minus alias files",
you're disabling yourself from loading other people's models correctly.
Like Steffen already wrote the Alias files belong directly to our library.

Otherwise we would for example need a tool to extract those alias parts from the official OMR files.

The alias parts should never be split from the library.