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Full Version: 48245 and 92586
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for building the Pet-Shop (10218-1) i need the mentioned parts.
The Dog is available in LDD but I'm not good enough to convert it into a good .dat file. Of course I could start with the basics there but the we have another file on the PT which isn't perfect enough.

The bucket is missing in LDD, so I hope that somebody have this part. Otherwise I will buy it with my next Bricklink-Order and try to do it by myself.

[Image: 92586.png]
Dog is on PT
Hej Stan,
thank you very much. I will have closer look into the file on the evening. Maybe there are simplifications, that could be done.

OK, you're faster Wink
I prepared it too, but not completely ready yet... If you permit I'll submit my version since it's subparted for paterning. Also changed orientation to match other dog/wolf.
ok. submit your version)
Max Martin Richter Wrote:The bucket is missing in LDD, so I hope that somebody have this part.
I think that LDD part 70973 is the same as 48245 (70973 is the special design number for the chromed version)
Good to know. So I will generate this part by myself. Thanks a lot.
Update: Part is extracted. I will clean it up, when I have the time for it. (2 or 3 days)

I tried my best, but now I need help from an author with more skills like me.
Here is all, what I could do for the moment. I tried edger2 for the edges and condlines, but it didn't get the edges on the right place ;-)

Hi Max,
Do you have a good reason to use hires primitives? IMHO it's a waste of resources at this scale: LDD part doesn't look that bad, and it's only 12-sided! That would also allow to use a torus primitive for top rim...
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