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Full Version: Tube segments (166.dat, 80.dat) and edge lines
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I just noticed some of the segment parts (166 and 80) seem to have edges on the inside, is this a technical thing or an oversight? I's seems like a waste of resources to me.

I'm worrying about this because I want to use those files as donors for generating seamless tubes (deforming the segments along a path) the result can not use references so it will generate a ton of flattened geometry, including all those unnecessary type 5 lines.
166.dat is done from cyli primitives, so it can't be much more simple - of course internal cyli does have condlines, that can indeed be considered as a waste. But if you go that route, internal tube is not needed either since most of it can't be seen once the tube is bent!

Problem is a bit different for 80.dat that includes tori primitives. This is imho a waste of ressources for (visible) outside, and definitely useless for inside!

Maybe you should use adapted elements as donors?
I was hoping to use official parts as is, but it seems only a few of them are useable (e.g. u9190) while most have excess geometry in order to account for gaps (e.g. 756) when used with LSynth or manual placement.

In the end it doesn't really matter where the donors come from, but it sure would save me a lot of work when I don't need to model a couple of dozen segment parts.

Ah well, I'll be concentrating on the generation code for now so I'll worry about that later Smile