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I just release version of DATHeader. Please leave all comments for this version as response to this topic.
Have fun.
Download from http://mikeheide2.kilu.de
Sort order for History entries should change, so that brackets {} will be sorted in front of [] brackets.
!HISTORY sequence should be strictly by date. In the entries prior to the 2008-01 release it's quite possible for a {} quoted RealName to come after a [] quoted UserName. See official 2345p44.dat for a valid example of this.

I don't know what happened, but I can't open DATHeader anymore.

I reinstalled all things LDRaw to a new directory (on the very same HDD), also DATHeader. And now, when I try to open DATHeader it says "write protected folder: The folder for the lists can not be written to. Can not use it. I use instead: C:\....\Documents." After I click OK the program crashes. I use Windows 7 64bit, it worked before, now it doesn't work anymore. I tried to change authorisations, ownership of the folder and whatnot.

Different program versions, different hdds, everywhere the same thing...

[EDIT] I reinstalled Java, now the program doesn't crash anymore, but the error message comes as soon as I click any button. The program knows all the old directories, also my username etc. Maybe there's a registry entry I have to delete, so the program starts fresh. But where in the registry is this program stored?
Now I installed a one month old backup of my system, before I installed DATHeader. Now it works. I think it's a registry thing.
Datheader does not use the registry. Instead in your documents folder there is a file called datheaderini.xml. In that file all pathes are stored and also your preferences and your name. Just delete that file and fill in the necessary pathes again in DATheader.
I am sorry for the inconviences DATHeader caused to you.
Let me say that in German: "Na toll!"

I take that with humor. It was frustrating, yes, but now it works, and for the future I know what causes the problems. So, nevermind.
In case you think about reinstalling your system in the future, just because of one of my apps, please send me an email.
I do not look into this forum every day, but I check my emails every day (normally Wink ). So you will get very soon a reply from me.
But I hope you will continue using my apps and enjoy the benefit they give to you.

If you have any idea for improving - please do not hesitate to contact me!
Thanks Michael.

Here's another problem (?) with DATHeader. I don't know what it means, but I get an error message most of the time DATHeader checks the body:
"Error in LDraw_IsErrorLines in modLdraw at check no. 8
Der Index war au├čerhalb des Arraybereichs."
Sorry for my late reply.

Please send the file where this error occure to my email address. So I can check here what is going wrong.

Thanks for your patience.
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