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Full Version: Trying to find part #6087
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I am pretty new at using Leocad and am having trouble finding one of the parts I need. I am looking for part #6087. Here is the bricklink reference page for the part;http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=6087

Am I just not seeing it or is it not in the parts library?

Thank you for any help.
Just fired Leocad (though not the last version), this part is there, in "Hinge and Brackets" section. Remember that you can type the number of a part in search box to find a piece. See tutorial here
Thanks Phillipe. I had tried searching for it by the #6087 part number and it didn't come up.
I think LeoCAD uses a different library than LDraw cause 6087 is an official part. it can be found here: