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Full Version: LSC Proposal to drop 64-character part title limit
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Steffen has requested that the 64-character limit for part titles be dropped from the official library.

Alex has further suggested there be no limit.

Since I use dynamic-length strings everywhere, this certainly isn't a problem for me. Any other opinions?

I fully support drop the length requirement altogether. Tim's mklist replacement solves MLCad issue (I really wish Michael would just open up the program to others)
I wish MLCAD code were opened to others also, but my understanding is that it uses third-party code that Michael cannot legally give away, and removing that code was going to be a large undertaking.
I have nothing against with removing the restriction.
I'm not against removing the limit, but I do hope this doesn't mean we are going to get longer and longer and longer part names. But I'm sure the library moderators keep that in check.

In short something that can be done doesn't always have to be done Smile

I beg your pardon for using my mod power to mess around in your sandbox but there are a lot of specs waiting to be ratified, beginning with this one.

Well, since I started this topic, I suppose I should call for votes on it soon. Anyone who wishes to speak up, please do so now.