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Full Version: OMR files for the AIOI
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I would love to include more OMR files in the LDraw All-In-One-Installer and with MPDCenter published:


you have a fine tool at hand to test for OMR compliance. Making some Technic models posted here fit for the AIOI would be a great starting point. Have a look in the models folder in the AIOI for reference if there are any doubts.

Is there anyway to get the OMR without the AIOI?

I've also made a basic space minifig that can be used as a starting point for other model-specific ones (attached).
Thank you very much for sharing your model but...

The OMR is at present something fictive.
Please read the following articel: Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification Version 1.0.2

So it is mostly a little bit more than just a minifig. But if it is a minifig then the naming needs to be correct also.
Please let us know to which official TLG set your minifig belongs. So we can use it in that complete set.
Oh, it's not for any particular model. It's just a generic minifig with as precise placement as I could manage, that could be used for other models, by changing colours, patterns, accessories and pose.

(Well, in reality I guess it's for set 886, I used the model here as a base, but as I said it's not intended to be for a particular model).
Ignacio Fernández Galván Wrote:Is there anyway to get the OMR without the AIOI?

Short answer: NO.
Long answer: The plans are to create a some sort of a PT also for OMR files. Until then I started collecting OMR models on my disc and ship them with the AIOI - say as a goody. I think also parts updates were handled this way in the pre-PT era.

OK, a separate zip file with the models would be welcome for us Linux users then Wink
Fair reply. I'll see what I can do by adding them to the download section at LDraw.org.

As another Linux user, I too would appreciate a seperate zip that could be downloaded.

Ideally, there will come a time when one can download individual sets, a given theme (or subtheme), or the whole kit-n-kaboodle. However, until that time, a single zip will suffice (especially since the OMR is young and still quite small).
Is there some preferred positioning and orientation for the models?

I'm placing them with their bottom at y=0 (or the closest possible, when a part extends to non-integer coordinates), with their front side pointing toward the -z direction, and with their center or some "logical" position at z=0, x=0.
That sound good. That is the way I would also do it.
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