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Full Version: Complement Primitive
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I was wondering if there is a complement primitive for this file? I tried flipping and turning the 1-8cyls2.dat file. But that does not work. Could somebody please help? Thank you in advance.
Indeed, while 1-4cyls2 complements 1-4cyls, 1-8cyls2 is "on the other side" compared to 1-8cyls. I have met exactly the same problem some time ago (http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...48#pid3248), clearly there's a need... But we must first find a working naming scheme for these new primitives!
How about something like this? And the complement for cyls would be cyls3.
What do you think?

I just looked at the two file together. It seems more thought has to go into this.

This one is a little better. It will still be 1-8cyls4 or 1-8cyls2c.
Hi Kevin,

Here's my version... comments from anybody here highly appreciated!

Otherwise, I think this thread should be moved to "Parts Authoring and Official File Standards"