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Full Version: Where's Greg been?
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Hope everyone had a great summer or winter depending on where you are in the world!

Work has been absolutely crazy the last few months - wrapped up a big project only to join a bigger one!

Also, I can't afford my apt. where I work on top of home where I live any more, so been trying to move this past month to a smaller place for during the work-week. Unfortunately the first things packed up were all my hobby stuff, including the computer.

As a result, any images/links to my Comcast pages may break after this weekend, I'll try to find a new host for them soon.

Anyone is welcome to pick up my part modeling slack (if you haven't already), and when life settles down this winter, I should be back into the game.

I'm also getting back into physical models in anticipation of Polar Lights 1/350 Classic Star Trek kit

On the brick front, my family loves the new Monster Fighters theme, and we picked up the Haunted House, it is actually awesome. We're also looking forward to the UCS B-Wing and this years Winter Village Cottage.
Ah, "Real Life", such a pain isn't it? Big Grin

And I've switch apartments enough times to know what a pain it is (did it myself recently as well, although it was only down the hall to move into a 2-bedroom).

Hope to see you back soon!