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Full Version: 64179 Technic Beam 5 x 7 with Open Center 3 x 5
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can someone make this part usable?

many of the technic sets contain this part. also if possible

64178 Technic Beam 5 x 11 with Open Center 3 x 5

greetings rempie
What's your problem with this part? I checked, it's fully usable... just that it's still in unofficial stage because of slight cosmetic issues. Get them here (don't forget subparts):
i didnt look at it like that. i looked at it as a 1 piece item.
i think im a bit lazy.

but do you or anyone know when they become afficial?

They will get official parts, when they had been certified by at least two parts reviewers and the PT admin.
Before a part will get a certify vote, it must accord with the Ldraw parts specifications and the part itself may not contain any faults.

Short answer: It depends on the complexity of the part and the time of the reviewers.

i just tried what phillip said but kept on getting pins 4 time the size of the technic beam.
also axles which were to large to fit into each other.
i hope my paitience is great enough. ;-)

I have used these parts in the past for some models.
Maybe there is an factor greater than one in some numbers of the rotation matrix of some parts in your file?!

Could you post the ldraw file with the problem? a screenshot showing it would be great too!
i tried to get the jpg into the file but jpg's are not supported.
gonna try uploading and then insert it.



here is an screenshot of the problem i saw.
is it because i used an unofficial item or is there a error in it?

screenshot of 64179 fault
Uhm, that's a weird file, it is a 64179.dat with 2 non-uniformly scaled parts inserted:
1 0 0 0 38 -8 0 0 0 0 -8 0 -1 0 3706.dat
1 1 -40 0 -16 0 0 8 -8 0 0 0 -1 0 32556.dat
inserted. I think the request above was to get your model file instead,
to see if there's a glitch in its matrix. I think there's something wrong with your file structure setup.
You shouldn't be putting other parts into 64179.dat
well to be very accurate:

i downloaded the 64179.dat file as i though philip suggested.
i then put it into MLcad, there is shown as it should be.
then i put in the program the two parts as seen with this result.
after this happened i saved the outcome as the 64179.dat file as its uploaded.

the original 64179.dat file contains visualy only the 5x7 technic beam.
the two pins come from the MLCad programm.

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