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Full Version: Help with parts creation
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I need help with this part. Please redo condlines and edges. I am not well with edger toolSmile
Hi Stan,
Done, and submitted files to PT.
What I did:
- Used more primitives
- split in subfiles for patterned versions
- Created patterned brush
Files are here:
[Image: 93552.png][Image: 93552p01.png]
Thank you! Looks great, as alwaysSmile
Here I want to make topic, where I can post parts I need help with.
In LDD outer cylinder has 8.133 radius, so to use primitives i need to make ring between stud4o.dat and 4-4cyli.dat. I made it using coverer, but it looks not well in LDView. It is not smoothed.
I created topic, to post parts, where I need help. Please merge this one with it
I'd suggest to use a 8 LDU radius cylinder and force the rest of geometry (there is only one vertex to adjust!) to match it.
Thank you. So I did. [Image: 98375.png]
In this part I need help with condlines. Thank you very much for helping me with others.
You should first create a second subpart for patterns, with the red painted area...
Ok. I made second subpurt.
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