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Full Version: [TOOL] MLCad Parts List to Bricklink Wanted List
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you may convert MLCad parts lists to Bricklink wanted list (http://www.bricklink.com//wantedXML.asp Wanted List Mass Upload)) online at


Doing so lets you search all needed parts for a MOC at once.

The Tool is beta! It does not reflect differences in part numbering between MLCad and Bricklink. Simply becaus I just don't them. The tool's language should be english unless you browser with german settings. At the moment it just supports copy & paste.


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Very good! I was wondering when someone was going to write another program to do this. I currently use BrickStore. I like that BrickStore lets me see the monetary cost before I upload. That allows me to play around with different colors and whether or not I really want every piece to be new. However, BrickStore uses the online Peeron color map to convert color codes, which is wrong and outdated.

How does mlcad2bricklink convert color codes?

Scott W.
The MLCad 'speaking' colors are converted to numeric Bricklink color codes.
Kai Fenner Wrote:The Tool is beta! It does not reflect differences in part numbering between MLCad and Bricklink. Simply because I just don't [know] them.

This was something I was thinking about the other day. For the most part, LDraw is pretty good at lining up with Bricklink and others in terms of part numbers, but there are discrepencies. The most noticable places are with patterned parts (I've noticed it with Minifig torsos) and parts with unknown numbers (LDraw uses "u...." whereas Bricklink uses "x....").

I was wondering if there has been any thought to adding HELP lines to those files whose part numbers don't line up with with other LEGO resources. This could be helpful to those looking for a particular part based off, say, a Bricklink inventory or some such or, as this topic about, those looking to create a Bricklink order list from a LDraw file.

It could be something as simple as:
0 !HELP Bricklink Part # [xxxx]

If there is sufficient interest in this, I might be willing to help compile a list/do some part editing as well.
I've been an advocate of a common language between LDraw and Bricklink for years, so I'm definitely for doing something. However, I don't think modifying each LDraw part is the way to go. Both LDraw and Bricklink change their part numbers, so the catelog that links the two should also be easily updated.

I have two suggestions:

1) An online webpage that is easily readible by both humans and software programs that links the two sets of part numbers. This has the advantage of a single source that many of us can update when we find the need for a new match. The down-side is that software programs would either need to be internet enabled or ship with a snapshot of the webpage. It would also have to be updated frequently.

2) A file in the main LDraw root directory that also linking the two sets of part numbers. This approach would be easily readible by software. It could be released at each parts-update, and updated on the LDraw website whenever someone notices the need. It has both the advantage and dis-advantage of being user-editible.

I think this is a great idea, and I would be happy to support this effort. I already have an application that outputs a list of part numbers that Bricklink has but don't easily match LDraw.

Scott W.
Member Steer Co.
Re: 2)
I would like to suggest to add a new column to the existing ldconfig.ldr which connects
our LDRAW colors to the Bricklink ones