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Full Version: broken POVRay export in LDView 4.2 beta 1 of 7 Apr, 2012
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Hello Travis,
I just discovered that sometimes LDView creates syntactically invalid .pov files on export.

The problem seems to be triggered when you're rendering a file from your LDRAW "models" folder
which references a primitive located in a folder called "48" inside that "models" folder.
What happens in that case is that the resulting .pov file contains a line
#declare 48/LDX_48_slash_t04q4444_dot_dat_in_part = torus // Torus 0.25
Note the leading "48/" in the identifier, which is illegal.
Note that LDView seems to substitute the substring _slash_ for / already,
but that seems to fail in some cases.

I've attached my test file plus its .pov output file here for your reference.

- Steffen
Thanks for the report. I'll investigate.
there are 2 problems:
(a) the / isn't replaced by _slash_
(b) the identifier must not start with a number ("48"), but with a letter
this bug just hits me right now again when I try to test-render this file