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Full Version: MLCad v3.4 rotation problem
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As this is my first post, i'd like to say hello. Hey all! Smile Now, on to my problem.

I've just upgraded to MLCad v3.4 after using 3.1 for a long time. Everything is fine, however i've noticed when i select a part (or group of parts) and go to <right click> 'Enter Pos. + Rot.', i can't choose 'Use Rotation Vector Values'.

I've seen another post on this forum about the same problem, and the response was 'something got broke and hasn't been fixed', but that was five months ago and i was wondering if something HAS been fixed and i just don't know about it. Smile

If it is still broken, is there a workaround to get a part to rotate less than the fine grid measurement of 15 degrees? I guess i could set the grid default to the desired angle, but i never KNOW the actual angle i'm after beforehand. I always adjust the angle until it sits where i want.

Any help or information would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Harald, welcome!
Unfortunately, this bug is still there Sad
As you suggest, what I do in this case is to reprogram grid values. When I don't know the precise angle I set a low value such as 1° or lower and iterate...
Thankyou for the quick response Philippe! Smile

Is there any idea if or when this bug will be fixed? I'm sure i'm not the only one who needs the fine adjustment of rotation to make complex MOCs. Surely changing the defaults each time is a hassle and i just KNOW i'm going to forget to change it back and wonder "What the...?" when things go haywire. Wink
No idea if/when it is fixed... If you do complex models (Technic?) with lots of weird angles, SR3D builder might be the solution for you...
I'd written M. Lachmann some days after the release of version 3.4
He answered that he hasn't enough time to fix the problem at the moment (remember it was in the beginning of 2012).
So I hope now for a new Version in the end of this year...
My solution was using the version 3.3 and hope that I don't need the undo function :-)

Max Martin Richter Wrote:So I hope now for a new Version in the end of this year...
I cross my fingers!
It's 2015 and still no fix? Sad