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Full Version: Multiple alternate models for Creator "mini" sets
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I've posted instructions for a series of 26 different models built with a few small Creator sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anoved/sets...314213222/

Here are direct links to a few of my favorites:

[Image: 7891345580_b4cac94dc3_m.jpg] [Image: 7891367722_3c9a83a550_m.jpg] [Image: 7891373088_c14599b98d_m.jpg][Image: 7891387738_01bd41b951_m.jpg]

I plan to post the LDraw files for each model as well, perhaps as replies here, but will do so at a later date.

These were produced as part of a half-baked plan to set up an alternate-model-instructions shop called "Brick Blueprints". I am a better builder than businessperson, though, so I decided to scrap the project (at least in its present form) and just share the MOCs.
[Image: 7891375310_b443587822_m.jpg]
09-6910-Farm-Truck by anoved, on Flickr
[Image: 7891332644_2bc651c48e_m.jpg]
10-6911-Pony-Car by anoved, on Flickr
[Image: 7891369912_003d3d1573_m.jpg]
13-5762-Starspade by anoved, on Flickr
[Image: 7891365604_892866f015_m.jpg]
15-6910-Quad-Sled by anoved, on Flickr
[Image: 7891358270_803dd8ea71_m.jpg]
17-5762-Biplane by anoved, on Flickr
[Image: 7891345580_b4cac94dc3_m.jpg]
23-6911-Dump-Truck by anoved, on Flickr
A few notes on the LDraw files I've just posted:
  • Files are organized into steps.
  • Files include LPub meta statements.
  • Unfortunately, some models reference unofficial part files which I have not included as submodels.
  • Some files are organized strangely in order to accommodate the constraints imposed by LPub.
In general, my workflow is:
  1. Build real-life model.
  2. Recreate it digitally in Bricksmith (sometimes I make minor changes - structural improvements, mainly - at this stage).
  3. Paste LPub template lines into the file and lay it out in LPub. Export to PDF.
  4. Save cover image snapshots (including "wireframe" views) with LDView.
  5. Drop cover images into Pages cover template. Export to PDF.
  6. Combine cover and instructions into one PDF with Preview.
  7. (Convert PDF pages to concatenated images with GraphicConverter.)
Happy to answer any questions.
Impressive work, Jim!
Thanks, Philo!
Beautiful instructions! Very nicely made.
Very nice collection. This is fun.
I'm looking for Animal instructions. Do they exist or does somebody know where to find them?