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Full Version: Multiple alternate models for Creator "mini" sets
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I've posted instructions for a series of 26 different models built with a few small Creator sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anoved/sets...314213222/

Here are direct links to a few of my favorites:

[Image: 7891345580_b4cac94dc3_m.jpg] [Image: 7891367722_3c9a83a550_m.jpg] [Image: 7891373088_c14599b98d_m.jpg][Image: 7891387738_01bd41b951_m.jpg]

I plan to post the LDraw files for each model as well, perhaps as replies here, but will do so at a later date.

These were produced as part of a half-baked plan to set up an alternate-model-instructions shop called "Brick Blueprints". I am a better builder than businessperson, though, so I decided to scrap the project (at least in its present form) and just share the MOCs.
[Image: 7891375310_b443587822_m.jpg]
09-6910-Farm-Truck by anoved, on Flickr
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