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Full Version: Converting LDD parts to LDraw tutorial
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could a good soul please transfer the Converting LDD parts to LDraw tutorial to the LDraw Wiki and bring it up-to-date?

Thx, w.
One big problem is that 3DVia printscreen seems to have disappeared from Dassault website Sad
I take it the old 3DVia wasn't the same as what's at www.3dvia.com?
It's a bunch of tools named 3DVia xxxx. Only the xxxx=printscreen is now missing.
No Sad
LDD uses OpenGL, not supported by 3DRipperDX.
OpenGL Extractor does things, but I've not yet succeeded in capturing something...
If you need this tool you can download it here.
Another link: http://www.mediafire.com/?47d9bxesy7qadf2
Check it with your antivirus before using, I don't guarantee anything (found it through this video)