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Full Version: LDraw All-In-One-Installer 2012-02 now available
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An updated version of the LDraw All-In-One-Installer, in short AIOI, has been released. It comes with:
  • LDraw Parts Library update 2012-02
  • MLCad.ini 2012-02, which has two new categories:
    Headwear accessories such as goggles and visors and hipwear such as the Armour SW Clone Trooper Tasset.
    Both are currently supported only by LeoCAD.
  • SR 3D Builder (unregistered)
  • LeoCAD 0.78 - 6152

The AIOI supports Windows XP (Home and Pro), Windows Vista (all versions) and Windows 7 (all versions). On 64-Bit Operating Systems it will install in the "Program files (x86)" folder. The Installer will NOT run on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT Ver 4, 2000, or XP below SP2.

You can download the AIOI from:

Home > Help > Get Started > LDraw All-In-One-Installer

Willy Tschager
(LDraw.org Content Manager)
I read on the Eurobricks forum that the AIOI contains an older copy of LGEO. Is this known, or intended?

this is completely new to me. The AIOI contains this version:


Could you please point me to the related discussion.

Hopefully this link will work. It is to post #183 in the "Rendering LDraw models using POV-Ray" thread of the "LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools" forum. It's possible that "Palathadric" messed something up on his end, though, and that the AIOI is fine.