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Full Version: sending a personal message to a forum user
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I just wanted to send a personal message to Jaco van der Molen regarding his page

I don't have his personal e-mail contact data and wanted to use this forum to drop him a note.
I found his user at http://forums.ldraw.org/profile.php?23,13
, however, there seems to be no feature which allows me drop him a personal message.

Could we enable such a feature in the forum software?


Jaco, if you read this: the page mentioned above has a typo in it, I think:
I think it refers to 2012-01, not 2012-02.
Yeah. Just post your note publicly in the appropriate forum. This is what the forums are for.
I know and I will,
but my question asking for personal messages remains.
Not everything is good for a public forum post.
When I created this forums and moved discussion off of LUGNET I did so for one reason and one reason only: newcomers were finding the sign up process for LUGNET to be cumbersome. Since LUGNET does not have a PM system, this forum doesn't have it. 98% of all discussion can happen here in the forum via public postings. Unlike some forums, I do not consider this to be "clutter". As to the other 2%, it's probably not relavent to LDraw/Lego and therefore inappropriate for this forum.
Just to note that LUGNET did have an email for every member displayed prominently. That's a fairly substantial difference in this case.