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Full Version: Minifigs Patterns
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Hello. I'm trying to create minifig patterns. I can draw them in Adobe Illustrator. And have some questions.
1) Where I can get proportions of the minifig body?(I pick them from picture in hollywood tutorial, but not very exactly)
2) Is here people, who interested in it?
I don't have enough time to clean them to Ldraw library standarts, but as pattern for later work can. Thank.

That link has a minifig with all measurements in place. However, there are actually two sets of measurements floating around for minifigs which differ slightly. At the LDraw level of accuracy they are probably the same.

Sorry to be a bit out of the subject, but I'm also working with Illustrator to pattern parts (at least one: 2552).

I wasn't able to find an efficient way to export it to a Ldraw file while keeping the colors. Do you have any idea on how to do this, this would save so much time for huge patterns?

What I'm doing is quite complicated:
- Save a DXF with Illustrator
- Import it as a sketch in Catia V5
- Mesh it manually
- Divide the mesh to get one mesh by color (this is the longest part of the process: to do this manually, but this is the only way I found to seperate the meshes and to keep the vertex on the right position, so that if I reassemble the meshes again, the vertex match).
- Export each mesh as a STL
- Convert to Ldraw with STL2DAT
- Put each DAT file in a big one, so that I have all colors in the same part, with all triangles that are matching, avoiding gaps.
- Project and slice using SlicerPro

If one of you has any idea to get faster from Illustrator to Ldraw, feel free to help, I will appreciate.

BTW, I'm alost done with the 2552 file (don't remember which particular pattern number), so I will post it soon on the tracker...
Send me an Illustrator file, along with SVG and PNG versions of the same file, and I'll see if I can come up with something. (The PNG will just be for reference, so that I know that what I output matches the input.) If I can make out the input data, writing a program to convert it an LDraw file should be fairly easy.

If you don't have my email address, send it to the LDView email address.
This is the area that needs to be filled to fit an LDraw Minifig Torso :

2 4 -12 0 -10 12 0 -10
2 4 12 0 -10 14.345 2 -10
2 4 14.345 2 -10 19 29 -10
2 4 19 29 -10 19 32 -10
2 4 -19 32 -10 19 32 -10
2 4 -12 0 -10 -14.345 2 -10
2 4 -14.345 2 -10 -19 29 -10
2 4 -19 29 -10 -19 32 -10
thank you. This information help me.
Today i create image of Darth Vader Death Star. If you want you can download Illustrator svg file(in archive) hope it will help somebody to create part.
[Image: a991f736.png]
[Image: 545f76e2.png]

Image of Royal Guard Torso. Illustartor file.
Thanks. I'm investigating now. Don't expect an immediate result, since parsing an SVG file isn't exactly easy. (Plus, the XML parser I'm using doesn't like one entry in the file, and I had to manually remove that. Hopefully the parser will get a fix for that, though.)
Ok. I'm understand that it's hard work. I made those image to improve my skills in Illustrator.(I begin to work with it only 2 weeks ago). So it helps me, but i want to make something useful. So I will post here my works)
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