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Full Version: @Linux users - Revising the 'Getting Started - Linux' page
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if you're a linux user you could help revising the Getting Started - Linux page at:


Do you know of any tutorials that could be added? Other editors, viewers?

Lol, I was wondering why the Linux version of LDCad is being downloaded more and more lately. It used to be about 1 to 3, in regards to the windows version now it's almost 1 to 1.

You could add Konstruktor, it's an opensource MLCad clone in the works.
Is the article at the wiki now fit to be linked from the website?

If you could add a bit more beef - say by copying/adapting something of the general information we give to the Windows users at the LDraw All-In-One-Installer page - it would do a better job.

It's not, but linux users are used to spending a day inistalling stuff Wink

Tim (who is a linux user about 10% of the time)