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Full Version: @Travis - Avoiding T-Junctions tutorial
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please check your Avoiding T-Junctions tutorial at the wiki:


Once I'm getting your okay I'm gonna link it from the main site.

Thx, w.
I noticed a typo (probably present in the original):

Quote:Notice that the bottom version is made up of 3 quads, while the middle version has 3 quads and 2 triangles.

The first 3 above should be 4.

Other than that, it looks good to me.

Don't forget to update the link on your tutorial page.
Travis Cobbs Wrote:I noticed a typo

Fixed. Thanks for checking. The link has been added to the tutorial page.

Travis Cobbs Wrote:Don't forget to update the link on your tutorial page.

Good spot. I would have forgotten about ;-)