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Full Version: Proposal for home page design
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I've put some graphics together to show you how I envision the new home page. Feel free to comment:

[Image: LDraw_Home.png]

Great, I like the two columns presentation (well suited to modern wide screens), the forum recent messages is a good idea too. Minor : Downlaod -> Download Wink (twice...)
Hi Willy,

I'd rather not have the forum discussion there and replace it by more news. As far as I'm concerned the website should reflect news and information, not chatter Smile

Other than that I like it very much.

BTW I've set up the basics. Edit the 'global content blocks'... 'getstarted' and 'partsupdate'

PS. Having the four boxes arranged like you have is not really doable without having a scrollbar in them (since otherwise the height will vary depending on the text). Which I don't think is ideal.

You're quick dude! Love it. Is it doable with a table 2x2 (plus a small column and a small row to divide them) and fixed height? The text could be shortened and also the news thing could edited by hand without using the news module. As far as for the "Talk about" I would move it to the bottom.


P.S. Tim, since you are there. I tried to move the donation button at the top but then there is no horizontal line between the donate section and the JJMA.
Tim Gould Wrote:As far as I'm concerned the website should reflect news and information, not chatter Smile

Then we should point to the tutorial section (we still have to set up somehow).

This new design is a nice improvement.

I would think the main benefit to displaying forum posts on the homepage is making it obvious that there is an active discussion community. It also gives the homepage automatic "fresh" content. Sometimes the news items get kind of old, and that could make new users wonder if the website is still "alive." These days, people seem to automatically get worried if something hasn't been updated in a few months.

It's nice either way, though.

Search engines also like to see regular content changes.
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