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Full Version: Main LDraw.org Website bugs/feature requests/todo list - Please read before posting.
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A summation of bug reports and feature requests.
Please do not reply to this topic with suggestions. Instead post them as a separate topic.

  • Reinstitute the Model of the Month, Scene of the Month, and other contests
  • Have an Official Model Repository module

Known Bugs:
  • None, yet
I think I like the new CMS better. Previous site wasn't always clear to read.

Typo: While I don't like nitpicking about petty typos, I want to save you from people giggling because of the irony in "Qualitiy and Brand" Wink
Unless we can get volunteers to take over I'd rather not implement the contests. We have no voting module, it's a lot of work for the webmasters, and few people enter them (aside from POTM).

With the new forums there's an awful lot of gratitude on show for parts, especially hard ones, so unlike LUGNET there is clear reward Smile I like this very much.

Fixed. Please keep spelling nitpicks coming and if they're in a really obvious place (like this one) please highlight it as important. I don't mind a typo in a long article but our menus should be spelled right!

This is just a wishlist. I'm not saying it's going to happen any time soon and when it does it'll be way more automated than it was.
I'm expressing my wish too Wink

Uploader to enable programmers to add links to their progs.

The page editor does not show bullets or numbered lists in WYSIWYG mode (checked with IE and FF).

Willy Tschager Wrote:Bugs:
The page editor does not show bullets or numbered lists in WYSIWYG mode (checked with IE and FF).

How do you use this WYSIWYG mode? I never even knew it existed?
Hmm ... so you haven't set "MicroTiny" in:

My Preferences > User Preferences > Select WYSIWYG to use:

to get this:

[Image: MicroTiny.png]

Orion are there other WYSIWYG editor modules available?

Thanks Willy. Tried and it annoyed me so back to HTML.

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