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Hi all
I'm new to the program and have to say I'm loving every second I use of it.
The only issue I have really is that as a new person I'm having a bit of a mission finding the parts I want. I know there are websites with parts and bigger pictures of them but is there a Catalogue for off line use?

I mainly use the Lego cad on my laptop (big screen and lots of ram!) and normally out of 3G signal so i would find a sort of PDF parts catalogue really usefull if there is one.
I'm not sure if I understood you correctly.

Are you asking how and what to download?
Then your question coincides with the topic which I just have brought up:

Once you have all wanted files on your harddisk
(most probably simply "all official ones"),
many of the tools allow you to browse the parts interactively.

I also would appreciate a beautifully rendered
"all official parts" PDF
(i.e., not only the parts within an incremental update,
but the entirety of our library)
- simply for browsing fun. I love looking at all our parts...
I get this request quite often and would love to add such a cataloge to the AIOI. I could render thumbnails of the parts folder's content by running a LDView batch file but this is just half the job.

* Ideal would be a script which generates PDF pages with a header (Image/Number/Description)
* Comes with a search string feature. Something down the line of the search feature in MLCad, with <Brick, Plate>, <Minifig & !Torso, ...
* Let's me change the color of the thumbnails via LDraw color number or general color picker
* Does also a little bit of formatting as LDView does for it's Parts List
* Would not rely on existing image databases. It would use it's own renderer or an external viewer. Databases on Peeron or Bricklink do not have images of all part in all colors.

Anybody out there with the required skills and a bit of spare time left?

Willy Tschager Wrote:Databases on Peeron or Bricklink do not have images of all part in all colors.

Which is only because last time I tried to regenerate the entire library in all the LDConfig.ldr colours (which should be done at each Parts Update), we ran out of disk space on the server - and crashed the Parts Tracker.
Maybe I can be the one you are looking for if ldvlib.dll can save images.

I should be able to create whatever you need, if the data are in the library files.

If we are going to have a PDF file you do not need to have search capability in the application as you can search in the PDF file.

I can think of 4 pieces on one page on the left side and on the right side all necessary data are listed. Attached you find such a pdf as quick hack (delete the last 4 characters from the filename after saving to your hard disc).
I started working on a shell script to do this with LDView from the command line. Unfortunately, I ran into an LDView bug (LDView crashing when rendering many parts on the command line), so I need to fix that before I can continue with my script. Assuming I fix the crash, I should be able to produce a script. However, the script is a bash script, which will work great in Linux and on the Mac, but will require bash and associated helper commands to be installed in order to work in Windows. (Associated commands are things like sed and tr, plus basic stuff like mkdir and rm, which should be present in any bash for Windows.)
With currently some 5000 parts in the library you would get some 1200(!) pages by putting only 4 parts on every page. I think something like this:


(with in mind that some crazy head actually try to print the catalogue for a handy use) would do a better job.

Well, it's not that I pretend compiling such a catalogue by myself on my win notebook. As long as I get a fine pdf (the way I want it ;-) for the AIOI I'm more than happy to delegate all the workload to linux or mac users.

Ok, just a list of the parts like already in parts.lst, but with pictures - should not be that difficult.
My only concers are at present the pictures. I'll have to check how I have done in my OMRMaker.
But keep in mind, that you can not see much details of the parts if the parts much larger than an 1 x 1 Brick !

One more thought about your suggestion - There is no additional information like KEYWORDS or CATEGORY in your suggestion. I think that should be included, as it can be found by searching for a specific text!
I got the crash bug fixed, but ran into another one (apparently related to SaveSnapshots with multiple input files). I still need to investigate that. I'm sending the parts to LDView 100 at a time to make it run faster, and for three or four of the batches (out of the 6000+ parts), LDView just stops for some reason part-way through.

I got Chris Dee to send me the command line options he's using for the ldraw.org part images, so the images I end up generating should match those, once I'm done.

One nice thing is that the Mac has print-to-PDF built in as a standard feature of its Print Dialog, so I don't have to worry about installing a converter. I just have to try to find a web browser that nicely paginates. (Last I checked, Firefox didn't; hopefully Safari or Chrome will.)
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