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Full Version: Download link not working
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ive been trying to download this program, but it seems that the link is dead. I found the 32 bit version somewhere on the interwebz, but it wont run on my 64 bit OS.

Does anyone have a backup link for me? thanks alot!
Which program link are you referring to?
Oops. Just checked and it is indeed broken. Looks like I broke the module that handles downloads in the last update I pushed to the server. I'll fix it and post here when it's restored. Sorry.
Alright, thanks alot!
This issue is now fixed. Sorry for the delay, real life got in the way.
Also, this probably belongs in website suggestions... but could we please get a direct (and visible) "click here to download" link or something on the refer-you-to-the-actual-download pages (like these). It was somewhat annoying today to find the actual link here (I was trying to download it directly on a remote server, and I kept getting the html page, and what it redirects to wasn't obviously visible, at least to me anyway.)