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Full Version: User account deals..
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Hi guys it's me (yet) again Smile I've been lurking around here for a while now and thought to see what's new in the tracker and help up with the review stuff a bit and all. I'd get back to authoring if mlcad wasn't as clunky. :/

Though this new account I made on the forums doesn't have review rights and my old arezey account doesn't seem to even exist anymore, can't log into it.

Anyway it's been a while since I've said anything here really so I'd like to mention that the library sure has grown over the past few years and the new CMS is awesome. You guys do a great job. Smile
I'm currently traveling home right now but I'll fix this when I get there assuming one of the other admins doesn't beat me to it.
I have emailed you three times over the past month to ask which ID you would prefer to keep - arezey or Dusk - without receiving any response. Once you give me an answer to that, restoring Parts Tracker permissions is straightforward.
Ow, sorry about that.. and now my response is a week late again. I'm bad at this. :/

I didn't recieve the emails for whatever reason... I'd like to keep "arezey" since it's what my past contributions are under anyway.
Thanks - your username here has been changed to "arezey".
Note that you may need to logout and log back in