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Full Version: Hide arrows after you use them
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Is there a way to draw an arrow in one step and hide it in later steps. Is this done using ghosting and if so how. I just don't grasp the concept of ghosting. any help is greatly appricated.
There is. But right now I'd suggest mastering steps first Smile

Once you get into arrows and appearing/disappearing there are loads of things that can go wrong. And they're quite hard to diagnose if you're still not sure about how the basics work.

Tim (who still messes these things up after many years)
I agree with Tim. However when you fell ready for Buffer-Exchange come back and check out the content in the "916_Building_Instruction.zip" file you can download from:


Thanks again both of you for your quick replySmile. Thanks to Tim and one of my friends I now understand how to change steps. I have my model now. It is complete with an accurate instruction manual.My next step is going to be making a multipart model. Thanks Willy for your model and the tip. It seems like I'm going to be studying buffer exchanges and hopefully it'll click. I must admit I'm alittle thick when it comes to self teaching but I'll do my best. Thanks again
I you haven't mastered ghosting yet, I used the file Willy referred you to to learn how to do it and then wrote a short article in HispaBrick Magazine 8 on the subject. It may be of help...