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Full Version: help editing the view mode
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Is there a way in view mode while shuttling through steps can you go to a step in your model then edit it then go back to view mode. For example I create a model using steps. Some of the steps are wrong. I then go through view mode to view my steps. Then I change my steps by going back to edit mode when the faulty step is selected in view mode. Can a user do anything like this. if not will they consider to add this feature in next release. I find myself creating a model making a mistake and having to create it over and over again hoping to make it without mistakes. Any help is greatly appricated. thanks.
What program are you using? What OS? Is it an MPD?

Sorry, I'm using ML-Cad. In XP. My file is not yet an MPD but I want to make it one when I finish the first part. Thanks for your quick reply.
OK. Reading through your comment I find it a little odd.

Steps are merely markers between parts. So you can drag a part in the text part of the window into any step you like. You shouldn't need to start everything again.

Or easier still, if you need to edit a step, select a part that first appears in that step. Then add your new part. That should make sure it goes into the right step.

Thanks Tim, I'll try your suggestion, I'm a Newbee so that's why my request may sound odd to you. Sorry, thanks for your answer just the same.
Hmm ... some tips:

* Work with the Project Parts List
* Make sure "Draw to selected part only" is turned on
* Move parts and steps around in the Project Parts List - there is really no need to work with the View Mode 'til the very last.

but the most important question of all is:

Did you read my basic tutorial: http://www.holly-wood.it/mlcad/basic1-en.html