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Full Version: LDraw.org Official Library Standards article transferred to new site
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all articles belonging to the LDraw.org Official Library Standards section have been transferred to the new CMS.

I would appreciate if someone could browse the articles under:

Home > Documentation > LDraw.org Official Library Standards

and check if there are broken links (internal and external).

Many thx,

(LDraw.org Content Manager)
Thanks Willy,

All the links I checked worked, including the internal links.

Personally I think the 'primref' link should go to the internal version to ensure it doesn't break in the future, but I'll leave that decision up to you.

Ciao Willy,
all the links in the homepage give me an error message:

e.g. Main site temporarily redirected to the beta site:
in Chrome on Win7 64bit becomes:

Not Found
The requested URL /modules.php was not found on this server.

The same with ALL the links in the upper menu, so also the mentioned LDraw.org Official Library Standards

Am I doing something wrong?
Hi Luca,

I think something might be going wrong with the server right now. Try using the 'beta' versions of the links by replacing www. by beta. and it seems to work.

Looks like the site died. It was working earlier today.
I just updated some stuff and accidentally deleted an .htaccess entry. Fix is in the queue to be uploaded.
Everything should be restored. I reverted back to the old files until I can figure out why the urls are breaking.