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Full Version: LDraw.org File Format Standards article transferred to new site
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all articles belonging to the LDraw.org File Format Standards section have been transferred to the new CMS.

I would appreciate if someone could browse the articles under:

Home > Documentation > LDraw.org File Format Standards

and check if there are broken links (internal and external).

Many thx,

(LDraw.org Content Manager)
I've started scanning the documents. It will probably take a while. I have so far found one (extremely minor) problem. The "LDraw Unit (LDU)" entry in the LDraw 1.0.2 spec's table of contents is indented, showing it to be a sub-topic of "The LDraw Co-ordinate System". However, in the main text, it is not a sub-topic of anthing, but instead a main topic.
The META Commands/Header Statements link in this document's TOC doesn't work. Since there's a header anchor in the document at the proper place, I'm guessing that "header" is somehow reserved for some other use, and needs to be changed.
Thanks for the keen eye. Both should be fixed now.

You're welcome. I didn't notice before, but I think there should be a line break after the coordinate system image, but before the "ldu" anchor tag. (Or, perhaps better yet, the image itself could go inside a paragraph.) The way it is now causes it to not scroll down enough when the LDU link in the TOC is selected.

Thanks for fixing the TOC hrefs. It really makes navigating via the TOC a lot more pleasant.
How is it all for reading clarity? I tried to set up a style that made reading as easy as possible, especially for us red/green colourblind folks.

I think it looks good for clarity and overall layout. I only really have two observations:
  • Having the sub-headings be indented in the body text is a bit strange. It's not bad, exactly, but strange.
  • I prefer followed links to have a distinct color from unfollowed links, and as far as I can tell, that's not the case here.
Cheers for the thoughts.

* The h5 (lowest level you'll see) have been changed in and out several times Smile I'll try them in again
* So do I. I'll see if I can make that happen. I have a vague memory of it causing me problems when I was setting up the CSS but that was a long time ago.
Thanks for hopping in.