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Full Version: Webmaster request for missing article info
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Hi all,

Given the unexpected transition to the new site, and the limited time of the webmasters I've started this thread for people to post any glaring holes they notice on the new site. If you go to find some important information (eg. the colour config files) and find it absent please leave a note here so we can prioritise transition.

We do have the original articles handy but reformatting for the new site takes time so obviously we should ensure that vital information goes up first.


PS. I think some things (like software lists) should be moved over to the wiki where corrections can be made by anyone. These will need to be linked to or embedded on the main site. But such decisions can be made on an ad hoc basis for now.
Hi Tim,
There is one page I visit more than all the other, and I can't find a link to it on the new site.
It is this one, the LDraw Primitives Reference
Or should that info only be accessible inside the Part Tracker? (btw, there no link the part tracker either)

But what I really would love to see here is a translation of JC Tchang's site
I visit it often, although I can not read French.

There is a lot of really useful pages on it:
Official and unofficial primitives and Deformation of primitives

Has anybody asked him about it?
Prim ref is maintained by the PT Admin on the Tracker but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't link to it from the main site.
As an interim measure I've iframed the existing page. We will find a better solution through time.


JC Tschang's stuff would be good in the wiki if he's happy to open license it.

I don't think it is a good idea to host a static copy of this reference. That just generates maintenance burden at each Parts Update.
That's not static. It just redisplays http://www.ldraw.org/library/primref/ in a frame.

Any chance we could spell primitive correctly?
OK, thanks - I didn't understand what an "iframe" was.
Either spelling works. It keeps the old version working if you fix spelling. Which is nice.

I talked with JC about these pages, of course he sees no problem for a link to his work. As for a French -> English translation... I guess I would be the best placed to do it, but I'm presently missing time/motivation for that work.
No pressure Philo. This is volunteer work after all. If it doesn't interest you then don't work on it. I'm sure someone with the desire and interest will crop up eventually.
Hi Philo,

Could you ask him if he'd be willing to put them on the wiki (or use an open content license to have someone else do it)? That way it can be translated by whoever visits and knows.