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Full Version: Problem with 2859 (train track 9V point right)
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I am the original Author of this part. I worked on it on and off for ten years. When I first started, I was naïve to certain aspect of LDraw. I have learned a few things over the past few years. One mistake was making my own primitives to fit my needs. E. g. 1-4edsp.dat is really 5-16edge.dat literally cut in half. So within the next couple of weeks I will clean up the file and resubmit it.
Sorry for the inconvenience
Kevin Roach
P.S. Here are the file.
The main issue, I believe, was the incorrect assumption that 2859 could be a mirrored copy of 2861. The lap joints between track sections cannot be mirrored.
I don't think you need to apologise. It's one of the most difficult parts in the library. I'm impressed even with a copy that's missing subparts.

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