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Full Version: SR 3D Builder just released
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Hi again,

don't want to hammer the forum but an updated has just been released with some interesting new features in the UI. Available from http://sr3dbuilder.altervista.org/

Here is a brief as usual:

- The Save function no longer ask for filename if model already have one
- Bounding boxes around current group remains even if you get back to your model

- Extended support for Triple Ring controls in Animation console
- A new experimental way of parts displacement, a bit more like LDD one. Refer to english manul (updated
but not up to date with application) for a brief on how it works. Not too bad in my opinion for a first try
Please read English Manual http://staff.polito.it/sergio.reano/SR%2...20(EN).pdf for a bit more details
--> I really need feedback about the new UI <--

- Some manual updated abour groups usage and the new experimental UI
- Some small adjustements in many points

And here is a video showing latest features
that's no hammering, such release notes are interesting here,
and who does not like them doesn't have to read them.
thanks for letting us know!