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Full Version: Does 32125 still need rewrite?
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I've seen this on the list for a while, with CCAL 2.0 in the header, but still needing work.
Anyone mind if I re-address this?
Given the irregularity of comments I say Just Do it.

I figured as much - here's the work in progress, will measure split above the axle hole when I get home this weekend and move symmetrical geometry to sub-files.

A note on the hex-ring (current 32152s02.dat) if anyone wants to make this a primitive and use it, grab it. It won't work with the split above the axle hole, so will be reusing s02

Yes, please. This is the last remaining Non-CA authored part. Let's finish the re-write and finally kill the Non-CA section of the official library.
Update submitted.