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Full Version: MLCad doesn't find ldconfig.ldr.
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For some reason I have lost all the colours in MLCad. No matter what I do they're missing.
Nothing happens when I try to load the colours inside MLCad. I think it all started when I tried mlcad 3.4
I'm now gone back to 3.3
I tried to delete mlcad.cfg. I've tried to reset it by deleting the registry settings in Regedit.
I've tried ColourManager. It won't run on my pc.

There is a file mlcad.log in my mlcad folder. In it I can see that it can't find ldconfig.ldr
Quote:Error loading color information from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\ldconfig_English.ldr'!
Error loading color information from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\ldconfig.ldr'!
Using internal color configuration!
But I know that it is there!

How do I force MLCad to search for ldconfig.ldr?
Is there anybody out there? That could help me?
Maybe this will work?


It might be a related problem.

Could it be that LDConfig has bad syntax? The log says error reading it, as opposed to it can not find the file. Might try re-downloading the latest LDConfig.

Scott W.
Yes, something was wrong with my copy of ldconfig.ldr
I replaced it with fresh copy, and all the colours came back. Great!

So, what had I done that made my file currupt?
I have for some time used a renamed version of ldcfgalt.ldr.
In it I had added these lines, among other changes:
0 // Copied edge colour from CODE 134
0 !COLOUR Metallic_Copper CODE 512 VALUE #EB8845 EDGE #AF633A METAL

What wrong here? I'm guessing "Code 512". Why is that wrong?

The file didn't work even if I changed it to this:
0 // Copied edge colour from CODE 134
0 // !COLOUR Metallic_Copper CODE 512 VALUE #EB8845 EDGE #AF633A METAL

I dont remember were that came from, but there has been some debate about the lack of copper colours, here in the forum.

And were can I download a fresh copy of ldcfgalt.ldr? I like the coloured edges. (;-)
I don't know where to find it on the new site, but you can get it from the forum here:


I have some updates that I will hand over to Chris in the next few weeks. Nothing major though.

This file is hosted directly on the peeron (Parts Tracker) server, so the location hasn't changed:
I've added a temporary page with these links on the new site:

Parts->Colour = http://beta.ldraw.org/parts/colour.html
Thank you guys, now it works OK again.