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Full Version: SW 3D meshes
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Daniel sent me recently a bunch of Star Wars figures to scan and convert to LDraw. Unfortunately I am short of time presently, so I am posting here the raw meshes, hoping that someone could help me doing LDraw conversion (scanning parts is relatively fast in comparison!).

Here is the first one, 30371 Gungan head. This zip contains the raw mesh in .obj format, and a conversion to LDraw so that anybody can see it with usual tools. One side of the scan is not very good, but since the head is symmetrical it should be OK.
To do:
- straighten the mesh (it is rotated, and needs to be aligned with XYZ axis). Note that the obj seems upside down, this is because of inverted Y axis in LDraw. After conversion to LDraw it will be fine!
- Cut the stem under head (I leave it in the scan because it helps for mesh alignment).
- cleaning of the mesh needs to be done (smoothing smooth areas, sharpening edges)
I use Meshmixer for these tasks.
- Reduce triangle count. I have already reduced mesh to 100000 triangles, but final LDraw head needs to be reduced again to 3000..5000 triangles. I use Meshlab for that.
- Export the result in stl format (ascii encoding) and convert to LDraw with stl2dat (raw mode).
30486c01 Animal Kaadu
I had to modify my scanner to be able to do this big one!
Have I mentioned how cool you are lately?
Thanks Wink
But I'm afraid that Kaadu will require a lot of work to get it right. There are many flat areas or ruled surfaces that will not look right if the mesh is simply downsampled. I think these areas should be redone by drawing edge lines around mesh used as guide, then build surfaces between these lines using Coverer.
It would be interesting to code a way to smooth trines within a mesh.
But I'd need a lot more time on my hand to do that.